Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Freebie: Work Station/Work Board Icons

It's that time of year... time to think about how your going to do things for the 2014-2015 school year. 2015? For real? I spent two days this week with Killeen ISD 3rd grade teachers and they were a great bunch.  They asked for this Friday FREEBIE!

In my classroom, I liked having a high level of teacher control when it came to Work Stations, at least to start the year! I wanted to put my students in groups (mixed ability) mind you, and I wanted to tell those groups which work station to go to!  I was in control, and I liked it that way.

Part of that control however, was letting kids know the "plan for the week" and I did that via a Work Board.  You can read more about Work Boards and management of what Fountas and Pinnell call Centers, in their book Guided Reading, and you can even get icons in their text, however they are black and white, and kind of boring in today's day and age... sorry F&P!

If you want to show your students the Work Station rotation (which stations they will be going to each day, feel free to use my FREE icons! There are much cuter ones out there I'm sure, but I never claimed to be cute, only trying to be helpful.

One thing you will notice, there are LOT of Independent Reading icons. That's because it is the first Work Station every day for every student! That's how important Independent Reading is for kids in our classrooms.  Kids just read at their desks, but one group of kids might read in the classroom library one day a week and that can have a different icon on the Work Board.

Here's what my Work Board looks like all put together! Enjoy!

The names of students moves to the right each day, but the icons stay the same, so by the end of the week the students who started in the number one position will have completed all Stations. Don't forget to check out my other posts about Stations to see what kids are DOING when they work in Stations.

Go to my TpT now for your FRIDAY FREEBIE!  There are Work Board Icons for K-2 and Work Board Icons for 3-5.


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  1. Excited to see you will be presenting at TEKS Resource next week! Hope to maybe see you or even better get in one of your sessions!


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