Friday, July 4, 2014

Fluency Work Station Menu

Fluency is a tough skill to teach- especially when you remember that it is more than JUST SPEED! Phrasing, expression, intonation... all of these are also important to truly help our students learn to be truly fluent. 

I've posted a lot about Fluency (see other posts for Literacy Centers), but today I'm sharing another resource that is ready for you to print and use in your classroom.  I've posted about the use of menus before, and this is a Fluency Menu.  Menus in Work Stations/Literacy Centers helps the teacher NOT have to create "new" things in a Station each week. Rather, a teacher can post this menu, and put the materials at the Station and takes care of itself!  

Here is a picture from a post on Fluency by Scholastic so you can see what it would look like to teach students how to scoop. #perfectanchorchart

I hope you can use this in your classroom! 
You can get your Fluency Work Station Menu for your classroom HERE!


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