Saturday, August 6, 2016

Leveled Texts to Share with Families

Hello people!  How are you these days? Sorry it's been so long! But I'm back (for now at least) and I'm here with another Saturday Special! 

I was with teachers in Macomb IL this week! We were setting things straight about Guided Reading and laying the groundwork for a school-wide reading CULTURE at Lincoln School (yes, as in Land of Lincoln).  

One thing that we talked about was how to help parents know how to help students!  Telling parents that their child is reading at a Level T... is not helpful! How do you navigate that in the real world of reading? How do you find books on that level if you're not a teacher?  

So I have an idea for you!  Provide a book list!  Send home the page that goes with their level.  There are books to be read themselves and books to be read WITH someone at home.

You can get this for yourself... HERE!

You all know about Scholastic Book Wizard right? Add your own books to this list using that FREE site! Remember their Guided Reading level is NOT the level you share with parents... share their independent reading level with parents (a level below their GR level).  And of course- a CHILD is not a level- a book can be leveled and it is a tool to help children learn to read!


Enjoy your last days of summer... your students are waiting for you!