Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Currently

It's July! It's my last month before I start full time work again! I wish I would have known how fast my laid back "summer off" was going to pass by me, because I would have made sure to enjoy it more!

Listening: I'm at my mom and dad's house in Michigan. They are retired and as much as I make fun of them for "watching the birds", it really is a nice sound! They have about 15 feeders, that they spend their retirement money filling up every 3-4 days. And those birds come in from sun up to sun down.  Right now, there's a yellow finch, two cardinals, and three woodpeckers! My parents are also experts at identifying birds these days! It's pretty cute. 

Loving: It starts off a little chilly- I will admit! I was wrapped in a blanket sitting on the back porch with my coffee this morning.  Brrr! But, the sun is out and there are big puffy clouds and for a holiday weekend in Michigan that is a big deal!  Mom and I just went on a bike ride! We got hot enough we had to take off our sweatshirts! 

Thinking: I love it here! Michigan in the summertime is just the best. Car windows down... sleeping with the windows open! It's just heaven.  I appreciate it more of course now that I don't live here. I love seeing my parents house (their dream house they built just before retirement), but I just hate leaving! Bought my mom a sign that says "You are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye" and it is so true when it comes to my parents.  But now we will head "Down Below" as it's called when you are "Up North" in Michigan and see his side of the family. I get to play with kids and hug sister in laws.  It will be a good time!  My last few days of vacation because then I will be with Killeen ISD teachers the whole month of July! Get excited KISD!

Wanting: Yep! I'm a sucker for a good garage sale- notice I said good! I've been known to drive by the garage sale and decide not to get out of the car. We did that for 2, but we stopped at 3. I bought a box of Barbie furniture for my BFF and her twin baby girls who just got a Barbie Dream House for some summer play at their summer cottage.  Let's face it, my BFF is more excited about the Dream House than they are, and I'm more excited about the new furniture than they will be! #livingvicariously 

Needing: I sigh, and roll my eyes, because he won't do it! Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but he doesn't do things I ask him to! And they are simple things! I think sometimes he doesn't do it just because I asked him to! Yes, these are the sad, stupid games we play! Shaking my head! 

4th Plans: We are stopping off to buy our fireworks tonight. We put on a pretty big show in the front yard at my in-laws' place.  There will be good garage sales there too! I took out cash from the bank just for that reason.  #dealstobehad  I'm hopeful I'll find some quiet time to read a book and relax in the hammock.  

Just looked at the clock... countdown to when I have to leave my mom has begun. 
I just hate this part of visits home! 


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