Monday, January 12, 2015

NewsELA: FREE Resource

Hey y'all... I am blogging from 30,000 feet... or something high like that.

When I fly, I read blogs, I search Pinterest, I do things I don't seem to have time to do when I am living my "regular life".

And at 30,000 feet I have a new resource for you! Don't you just LOVE free and easy?

Here it is folks...

Do you know about ?

It's a site for FREE informational texts!  Get it- News ELA?

Not only are there news articles that will be interesting to kids...

But there is this handy dandy differentiator for Lexile Levels too! Imagine the possibilities! 
And look at that cute little printer function... you guessed it! It shines it up and makes it ready for the copy machine too! 

Hot DOG!  
Happy Monday!