Thursday, November 12, 2015

Currently November

November... I've been waiting 9 months for November and it is finally here! Also finally here is Baby Leach! Or should I say, Wyatt Douglas Leach! Douglas is my maiden name, and Wyatt is a perfect QB name or bull rider eh? He's perfect y'all! And like the Carrie Underwood song says, he's "everything I never knew I always wanted!" 

I am getting the hang of this motherhood thing and I am in HEAVEN!

So it's November... and I haven't done a currently in months!  So... here goes!

Listening: I have a BABY y'all! He is 13 days old! He's sleeping and I am constantly hearing him cry when he is not. So I am listening very intently to the baby monitor to make sure he's really crying before I go in there. I've gone in there a few times just to make sure he's breathing! #firsttimemom

Loving:  So I didn't just bring a baby home from the hospital- I brought home a DADDY! And such a good Daddy at that!  He is so hands-on. I've even called him a baby hog!  He is the swaddling expert, the sleeping expert, the diapering expert...if I wasn't breastfeeding- I fear I'd never get to hold him! Kidding! Well... kind of not!

Thinking: I've heard it, sleep when he sleeps, but you can't just SLEEP on demand. I am NOT doing laundry, or sweeping the floor or other stuff like that, but I might be eating, or showering, or doing a blog post. OK maybe that is not a good use of my waking time with a newborn- but it does makes me feel human.  He's fixing to go down in a few minutes and I'll be sleeping!  I know that I should... and I do... but not every time!

Wanting: I've never been someone who takes a lot of naps- I SLEEP for 8-10 hours! Well....that's not happening. The most I've been able to get is 3 hours! (Make that 3.5- thanks to last night)

Needing: My big outing today is to run to Target and get some "stuff" that we need.  Add to the list- every day there is something else that we add to the list not knowing that we would! :)  So.... he just went down for a nap... and I'm going to nap so I have energy for Target!

Yummy: I make a KILLER pecan pie!  Just writing about it makes me hungry. I think I need a snack before I take a nap.... bye y'all!