Thursday, December 3, 2015

Currently December

Have I really not blogged anything since November? Yep! There's this BABY in my house these days! I don't know where the day goes, but it's GONE! I have PLANS to blog for y'all! I have some more freebies that are my gift to you for Christmas- but I have a BABY with PLANS of his own! Plans to eat, and not sleep. Plans to poop and plans to cry! This is the hardest job in the world and I absolutely love that I get to be his mommy!

So.... Currently he is sleeping!

But that could all change at any moment!

Going to try and finish this blog post before he changes my PLANS!  

Listening: My husband got home from work (I'm on maternity leave still) and praise GOD he swoops in and takes my little one from me!  I welcome break.  They are both currently taking a nap on the couch! 

Loving: I would love time to just be still! Sip some tea (lactation tea of course)- but still- it sounds heavenly! 

Thinking: As I said above... any time I have to do something else... I wonder how long I'll actually have to do it! What a different 10 seconds can make these days.  They say to sleep when your baby is sleeping and that is certainly good advice- but I don't sleep on command! I'm not tired when he's sleeping. I'm tired when he's up and fussy and crying!!!! Of course!

Wanting: When I say make dinner- I mean heat up dinner that friends made for us! :) 

Needing: My husband's sisters are coming into town tomorrow. I had wanted to have my tree up... that's not going to happen.  Alas... 

Real or Fake: I grew up with a fake tree. Married my husband and he is a real tree kind of guy.  But some years, my husband is gone, so I don't have a tree at all. This year- it's gonna be real- if I can ever get him to go get it with me!

There you have it folks! If you don't hear from me again this month- Merry Christmas!!!! It may be NEW YEAR gifts/freebies I give you! :)