Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Currently

December? What? Really? NO WAY! Goodness I say that every month and I'll say it again in January! Wait and see...

Listening: I seem to always be traveling when I blog these days. It's the only time there isn't laundry to do, things to clean up, and the list continues. And of course, some good music from back in the day is good blogging background music.

Loving: Oh yes! I was home in Michigan for a few short hours! All my favorite restaurants! So much good food- and so little time!

Thinking: Goodness I'm tired! So tired! I see an early bedtime in my future.

Wanting: I was at home in Michigan and leaving town was sad. I was also at a conference on my MSU campus and I never had a chance to STEP FOOT on it. Thought I'd go out the back door at lunch and walk along the Red Cedar River... but that never happened.  Oh well- I came home with a new t-shirt and a new coffee mug from my alma mater.

Needing: For sure- only got five hours of sleep. It was H-A-R-D to get up the next day.

Favorite Tradition: I love decorating the Christmas tree- mostly because I love all of the individual Christmas tree ornaments that decorate it. I have been collecting them over the years from vacations and exchanging them with friends. I smile with every one I hang and text the friend or family members that are attached to each ornament.  I think every year the tree gets prettier and prettier and my memories make me happier and happier.