Thursday, September 20, 2018

Guided Reading... with LEGOS?

What kind of tools do you use at the Guided Reading table to keep readers engaged and focused?

One tool I love using- are Legos!  Who doesn’t like Legos? 

Here are a couple of ways you could use Legos at the Guided Reading table to increase engagement and movement with your readers! 

While students are reading the text, they could monitor how often they are using a particular strategy.  Each time they use that strategy, they put a Lego on their stack.  I like this method because it encourages students to set a goal.  I usually ask students ‘What strategy are you using today as a reader?' and every time a student uses that strategy to reach that goal, they build their Lego stack.

For example, if a student is working on looking for word parts to solve longer words, every time a student gets to a tricky word and finds chunks they know, that reader gets to add a Lego to their stack. 

It could be, that a reader is focusing on rereading when they realize they stopped thinking about the text (we can all agree reading is thinking!).  So every time the reader realizes he or she doesn’t have meaning and goes back to reread, they add a Lego to their stack. 

It’s differentiated for each reader and allows great conversation while coaching individual students. Plus, it’s a great visual for you as the teacher to keep track of who knows they are using their strategy and who needs more support! Or when a Lego is added, you can ASK a student to tell you how/where they used the strategy. 

A second way you could use Legos would be during the after reading conversation.  Every time a student shares their thinking, the teacher gives that student a Lego to add to their stack or they take a Lego to add.  This is a great way to increase engagement with all students and get them to talk about their thinking! I saw Mrs. Ashley in Sweeny ISD do this and loved it right away! 

What other tools are a must for you at the Guided Reading table? 

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