Saturday, September 14, 2013

Check It Out

In my procrastination of PowerPoint today, I was on the Internet and look what I found:

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support:

Some of you may know of this body of work, but it was brand new to me. My favorite part was the link under SCHOOL then PRIMARY LEVEL and BEHAVIOR EXPECTATION EXAMPLES
You can get right to it by clicking here. There are some great ideas and things to print and use in your own classroom.  I hope you'll click around and check it out!

This was a good find on Saturday morning. Does this mean I need to get back to PowerPoint now?


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Curently

Yep! It's that time! September already. Where did August go? Where did the entire summer go? It will be Christmas again before we know it! Good grief- time flies when you are busy!

I'm hooking up with Farley for her Currently.

Listening:  I am "Up North" in Michigan right now. Spending time with my parents and going to a wedding this weekend. It's so quiet here and peaceful.

Loving:  Living in a different state than my family is so HARD! I hate that I miss so many things. Mom is making dinner right now and we are just hanging out.

Thinking: I really don't have days of doing nothing! I just don't! I wish I did. I should make time for it- but there is always something to do.  Being in Michigan allows me to find some time to DO NOTHING.  I took a nap! I read a book! I started this blog post. It was relaxing. I needed it.

Wanting: My phone is on its last leg! It doesn't hold a charge. It doesn't turn off. I need a new one, but I am going to get every last second from the one I have first.

Needing:  My job is out of control. I love it- don't get me wrong- but it is the hardest work I have every done.  I need more days to get the work done or someone to split the workload with me. Any takers?

Heart Happy Goals: Oh I love reading! It is a simple pleasure and a gift every time I can do it. I set a summer reading goal of 10 books- only made it to 6. I need to read more in the month of September. Period.  I also need to take more time for ME at the gym.  When I'm at the gym, I am focusing on myself. Not the laundry, not the dog hair on the floor, not the dishes in the sink. I am focused on me and I am worth an hour a day to do that! Not to mention I am not fitting into clothes the way I used to! So... September will be a good month of reading and the gym. Oh- and I'm going to make some things! You know all those things I've pinned? I'm going to FINALLY make something of those boards! :)