Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Freebie: Writing Menu

I was working with teachers yesterday and told them I'd post this. I said next week, but I have lots of other goodies to post next week so I'm posting it now instead!

You can thank Killeen ISD for asking for this! I hope many teachers are able to use it in their classroom!

I've posted about the use of menus before, and this is a Writing Menu.  Menus in Work Stations/Literacy Centers helps the teacher NOT have to create "new" things in a Station each week.

Rather, a teacher can post this menu, and put the materials at the Station and takes care of itself!  Get your Fluency Menu and a Spelling Menu too.

You can get your Writing Menu in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. Cheers!

Happy Friday FREEBIE!



  1. Reading your blog makes me soooo HAPPY, refreshed and exciting!!! Yes, teaching/early literacy is a passion! :) Thanks of sharing your GREATness!!! I attended a couple of your sessions, at a conference, a few summers ago...I now direct all my teacher friends your way!! :) Thanks for ALL that you do!!! :):):)

  2. Thanks Sarah for your kind words! Without comments I wonder if anyone even reads my blog! I know now that you do! :) Keep checking back... I have five free things waiting on my desktop to be added next week! They too will support Literacy Work Stations!


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