Saturday, November 2, 2013

Work Station Debriefing Cards

In DC Public Schools, I work with teachers to improve their Work Stations and their teaching at the Guided Reading table. 46 schools have chosen this focus area for the school year, called Small Group Literacy Instruction. We use the work of Debbie Diller and her book Literacy Work Stations. We use "I Can" Lists and we also make it a habit to debrief the work in stations.  Stations may begin with a mini-lesson and end with debriefing.

What could be taught in a mini-lesson for Work Stations?
How to use a new material.
How to solve a common problem.
How to work with others.
How to do anything better in Work Stations.

The teacher will then let students do their work in Work Stations and teach Guided Reading, but not being out there with students during Work Stations is hard.  The only way to get the information you need from students work in Stations is to ask them! We do this using debriefing cards as a routine part of our Work Station routine.

Teachers will meet with the group and ask one or two questions from the cards.  This gives teachers a chance to get valuable information from students and helps students be metacognitive about the work! It's a win-win for all involved!

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Happy Work Stations!


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  1. I really enjoyed class in the 3rd grade teacher training!


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