Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently November

It's that time again... thanks Farley for your November Currently.  I love the idea of the contest for December. Can't wait to see the winner. I wonder how many entries she'll get!?

Listening: My boys are playing ball! And the scoreboard is a happy sight to see! 16-6!  It's too early to be confident we'll bring home a win, but I'm enjoying it now nonetheless. 

Loving: Driving home from work at night and I am just in awe- big huge trees- orange and red and yellow! It is stunning!  Today's weather was just perfect.  We could have been on the boat in fact, but Jeff had to work. Boo! 

Thinking: I know I say this every month, but really, where did October go? I bought two Christmas presents online today! That is just crazy! Thanksgiving may be one of my favorite holidays though. Christmas is always special because of all the family, but it is always so fast paced.  Thanksgiving is slow and easy. The Thursday holiday always makes for a long weekend and I look forward to relaxing.  Cooking, eating, resting, relaxing. Bring it on! 

Wanting: So many of you know that Jeff and I went on a vacation to the Bahamas in June.  It was amazing, but I've worked so incredibly hard since June and my body wants to escape to the islands again! I want to be on a beach- with a book- and a drink with a little umbrella. Maybe I need to schedule a vacation of my own. For reals! 

Needing: So my job involves some direct teaching of teachers in DCPS, but mostly it is my job to design and implement PD Days for the school year for almost 600 teachers.  Like every district, we have five of these days a year and I have already successfully pulled off two (August and October). The next one is January 6th- right after the holiday and I should really get working on it already.  I am kind of dragging my feet... 

A Yummy Pin:  Have y'all had Dirty Brownies? OH MY WORD! They are so good! So easy to make too! You can find my pin here... 

And believe it or not I actually COOKED a dinner- like a real dinner- not just heating something up in the oven! It was a big hit too. See what you think. You can find that pin here...



  1. Hi Melissa! I am your newest follower! Your pin looks delicious! That might just be my Sunday project! :) Cute blog!


    1. Thanks Kayla. It is SO easy to make! I might even suggest adding an extra half a block of cream cheese! Do it! You won't regret it! It seemed like a lot of liquid at first- but you need it all! :)

  2. Dirty brownies sound yummy! :) Will definitely have to check them out! I agree about October - where the heck did it go???

    Please be sure to check out my blog as well -

  3. Beach, yes! We are planning a va-cay this summer to the beach. Can't wait!

  4. Hi Melissa! I will definitely have to check out your pins (even though I don't cook)! I know what you mean about wanting to get away! We went on a Disney cruise at this time last year, and I'd love to go back! I love the fall decorations on your blog!

    The Reinspired Teacher


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