Monday, October 14, 2013

Share Stations

Goodness I sure do love learning something new! I think once we stop learning- we should stop being teachers. So today, in a training in Texas I learned something new from a teacher.


It's an idea for student accountability- otherwise known as- "You better be doing what I told you to do" during Work Stations.

There is an identified share station each week- or I assume it could be a different one each day. It may be designated on the Work Board by a special S sticker or some kind of cute clip art on the rotation chart.  This just indicates to students that they will be SHARING their work at that Station with the class. Sharing means showing what they created/made/did etc. and perhaps being the students that also answer questions during the debrief; what did you like doing at your station? What did you learn while working at your station etc.

I love this idea for allowing kids to show and share their work. You can imagine students take their work more seriously when they know they are (or could be) at a SHARE Station in the week.

Thanks for the great idea Megan!

How do you hold students accountable for their work during Stations? Post your idea in a comment.


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  1. We really enjoyed your 'sharing' in Texas. Great tip about using labels for anecdotal records. Heading to the store!


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