Sunday, April 21, 2013

God Bless Texas

West Texas is a small town in Region 12 where I used to work. I have been to the town's West Fest (a Labor Day tradition) and I have taught and worked for the teachers in that small community.

Last week while the world was watching Boston, a small town in Texas faced a tragedy as well.  There was an explosion at a fertilizer plant. They are still looking for the missing in the wreckage of the plant.  Their middle school was destroyed and other schools damaged.  Connally ISD is actually taking in students who do not have classrooms to go to.

I was so happy to see Kreative in Kinder's fundraiser for the teachers in West! I have already donated my $25 (all proceeds go to the schools/teachers in West) and am waiting to receive my $150 of FREE TpT materials.

Hurry over to Kreative in Kinder's blog and read more!


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