Thursday, April 11, 2013

Show and Tell at H.D.Cooke

Another day out in DC Public Schools! I was snapping away! I hope you enjoy some of the sights from H.D. Cooke Elementary, the same way I did.

DCPS (and the research) says that kids should know their own reading level and then make goals for their reading progress. This was a very cute display of reading levels in a Kindergarten classroom. 

Great anchor chart! 

I love this! You have to spell it out for kids! Teach kids how to advocate for themselves and let them know that they are responsible for sticking up for themselves and that everyone should treat classmates with respect. 

Would you not KILL for a room with WINDOWS like this? And with the art on the window panes, this looks like stained glass!

I loved this teacher's plan for rereading at the table.  When you reread- circle the word play. When you reread- underline the word like.  Another reason to use books from Reading A-Z! 

Check US OUT! I love it. I needed a board like this when I was in the classroom! 

Another anchor chart to explain and help students understand one of their                                   Common Core State Standards.

The three Bs! Bullied, barfing or bleeding! (sick is a nicer way of saying barfing right?)

You know you wish you had a reading habitat in your classroom! How GREAT is this! 


Clever way to post Guided Reading Objectives.  
Plastic sleeves- colored card stock- and voila- dry erase!

This is the LIBRARY! It was stunning! A-MAZ-ING!

I love this too! Kids ARE stressed. Some kids more than others. But being a 3rd grader is hard work! So how do we help them? This teacher has listed all the things a 3rd grader has to be stressed about in school and then what helps.  Brilliant. Thank you to this DCPS teacher for knowing that you teach heads AND hearts as a teacher. 

SWAG! What's not to love about that?! :) 

The music classroom had it going on too! Look at this Word Wall. 
Those were real records! 
I was groovin' on this! 



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