Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

Yay! A night to do my May Currently.  Jeff (my husband) just left for West Marine. Lord help us that he doesn't spend all the money that just came in his paycheck! But he's gone and that means time home alone to finally post my Currently.  

Listening: Funny how much I hate these shows (Around the Horn is one example). How much is there to say about sports? Really? They just talk in circles. It would be like a show with experts talking about shopping! But, when he is deployed. I have actually put it on in the background while I do stuff 'cause it makes me feel like he is home. Is that silly? It's probably silly. Oh well- it's the truth from an Army wife. 
Loving: Spring means summer is coming and if you own a boat- you live for the summer! I love the longer days and the signing birds. I love the flowers that are coming up in my neighbors yards. Notice I did not say mine? A gardener I am NOT! 
Thinking:  Is the laundry STILL considered clean if you washed/dried it on Saturday, but it is still in a basket on the couch on Thursday? Why do I hate the folding so much? I LOVE washing and drying. It's always the folding and the putting away.  
Wanting: Jeff just left so that makes dinner plans easier. What do I want? What can I eat that he doesn't like to eat? I think it is a white pasta sauce night! Mmmmmmm! 
Needing: Seriously... I feel like I am standing on the tracks and a freight train is coming my way! There is so much to DO but still so much to figure OUT that I can't start! Holy cow! Breathe Melissa! Breathe! 
Summer Bucket List: I miss the days of summers OFF! Oh man I'd love that! 

Thank you to Oh Boy 4th Grade for this fun LINKY. 



  1. My fiancee constantly has Around the Horn or anything sports related on (moreso during Football Season) I don't really mind it but sometimes I'm just like "Enough is enough!!" We listen to "Mike and Mike" EVERY morning on the way to work!!

    Primary Teacherhood

    1. Ashley,
      Mike and Mike! Yep! He loves that one too! Did you have to watch the football draft too? THREE NIGHTS? And all the talk about what happened.. and what was going to happen... and what didn't happen! Gross!

  2. I found you through the Currently linky! I have 2 baskets of laundry that need to be folded and still don't have any clue what dinner will be tonight! Ha ha!

    Learning is for Superstars
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  3. Sarah,
    A woman's work is never done! I tell my husband all the time- "When I grow up I want to be Jeff Leach!" The man has it GOOD!

  4. Melissa,

    I have the EXACT opposite problem with laundry! I absolutely H-A-T-E hauling it to our shared "laundry room" at our apartment complex. Something about dragging it across the parking lot, forking up 5 quarters per load, and then hauling it back to our apartment seems unpleasant.

    I could put laundry away all day as long as I don't have to drag it around a dirty parking lot!

    But I'm sure as soon as we move and get a washer/dryer I will have baskets of clean clothes lying around!

    Laundry is not fun!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who can't seem to keep flowers alive! We buy easy perennials that do pretty well without much maintenance. I hate listening to those sports shows. When I go visit my parents, that's all they watch (especially if my brother's home). Fortunately, my hubby doesn't like sports and we can enjoy other things - like food network!

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