Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book a Day Update

I'm on my way to 150 books y'all! A book a day! Sometimes 5 and 6 books a day! I have completed review of my first 28 books! And if you're interested- check them out HERE.

In doing this challenge- I also found an AMAZING book! If you liked Hunger Games- you've gotta read this! I could not put it down! I was laughing out loud in some places and gasping in others! My husband was laughing at me one night at 10:00pm as I plowed through the last three chapters- "Shouldn't you be in bed?" HA! Yes- I was way past my bedtime, but I had to finish it!

OK.... I have to stop blogging and get back to reading! Cheers y'all! What are you waiting for? Start your Book a Day pile for the Summer- remember books from your classroom library to start! Then new books! Don't wait until the summer- just start now! Take some home in your teacher bag tonight! 


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