Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Freebie: Word Study Ideas

Yep! You heard me! Friday- FREEBIE!

I will be leaving DC on a jet plane tomorrow (headed back to my home in Texas). And I wanted to share a resource that was made by a DC colleague with you all.  There are still 30(or so) days of instruction in DC Public Schools- that's probably longer than what you have left in your school year depending on where you are reading this from. Like it or not- that's still a lot of time.

Maybe you want to give students something "new and novel" at a Work Station in your last month of school.Maybe you want to send home some summer work.  Maybe you want to start saving things for NEXT school year.

Whatever floats your boat. Check out this file for your Word Work Station/Working with Words Center.

Thanks to Cara Hoppe in the Office of Teaching and Learning for this great resource.

Happy last 30 (or so) days of teaching out there folks!


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