Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Need Something to Read?

I'm going to be truthful. I'm in a reading SLUMP! I need some amazing books to get my eyes scanning pages again. The last three books I've read- meh. Nothing to get excited over. And I love books! I want to love books and have that love for books be as known as Donalyn Miller!

I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago and the woman is amazing! She OOZES a love for reading! She knows more about books than anyone I've ever met! So... this little presentation came at a perfect time for me!  I've started a new list of books. The last book she recommended to me was The One and Only Ivan. I could not put it down! If one of these are as good as that, I believe my reading SLUMP will be O-V-E-R!

Bring on the Books!

Leave me a comment! Have you read any of these? Which one should I read first? Now as Debbie Miller says, Happy Reading!

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