Friday, March 14, 2014

Fluency Fun on Friday

I had my last training in DCPS for teachers yesterday! Sadly, my job this year took me away from direct interaction with teachers and that has been sad for many reasons. One of the best things about teaching teachers is learning FROM THEM! For example, a teacher shared a new website with me so I am sharing it with you.

Have you visited If not... add it to your to-do list, your bookmarks, and if you are SUPER COOL, your DIIGO.  I especially like the tab for Reader's Theatre scripts. In DC, we use Work Stations with fidelity and Station is focused on Fluency. This is a file- print kind of website and all a teacher needs is a stapler and maybe a highlighter if he/she wants to get fancy and highlight different parts through each script!

Being as today is my last day of full time employment for a few months (like 5) I am hopeful to do a little more blogging than I have in months past! This DC work was HARD! And most nights I was so TIRED!   But, after I get moved (Lord help me) and after I get unpacked (OMG that's the WORST) I will be back online with amazing blog posts that will knock your socks off (or at least I will try).


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