Saturday, August 31, 2013

Parent-Teacher Communication Logs

If you are reading this, you survived your first week! Some of you are in love and celebrating what might be the best group of students to date. Others of you are confident some of your students are going to kill you before the year is through.  To all of you- I say congratulations in completing your first week!  

It was usually over this long weekend that I would regroup. I would shuffle my lesson plans. I would rearrange my room. (Why does it always look bigger until the kids get in it?) And I would start my Home/School communication sheets.  

Many teachers use Friday Folders. I was one of those teachers. Every Friday, my students would take home their folder with a School/Home Communication sheet inside. Which means every Friday, I had a chance to send a personal message to every child’s family.  It also meant that to start every Monday I got a personal message back.  

We don’t get accolades often as teachers, but these School/Home communication sheets were mine. Parents would often thank me for things. They would tell me how excited their child was about things we were learning.  These sheets made me smile. They helped me build the partnership that is so vital for a successful school year. If you want to try it- my School/Home Communication sheet is available for free in my TpT Store.


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