Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently August

Here we go... can I just say... I have always loved August! It makes my brain think school!

Listening- Why do people talk on planes? Is it necessary? Just read a book, plug your headphones in. No one else wants to hear you go on and on about your time in the military, or your pregnancy. I am a friendly person- but on a plane- I just don't want to be bothered! Anyone know what I am talking about?

Loving- I rarely sleep on planes. But I got a nap in on my last flight. I started the morning with a headache- and that nap chased it away.

Thinking- I really am NOT a blogger these days. I know every blogger has seasons. My season right now is called TIRED! I work so hard every day and when I get home, I just want to sit on the couch. I know I could blog from the couch, but it requires brain-power. And I don't have any of that left at 7pm (which is the average hour of when I finally sit still every day). The weekends used to be a good day for blogging, but not in the summer time. Summer is boating season! And while the boat has many amenities, one it does not have, is Internet!

Wanting-  Woo hoo! A work trip to Texas! It's like going home. I land in Austin. Working in Killeen and then traveling south to the River Walk! I can't wait! Time to see some dear friends. See some of my favorite teachers and celebrate an incredible curriculum that teachers in Texas use- CSCOPE by attending and presenting at the state CSCOPE conference.

BUT I made big plans for my afternoon. I need a trip to Uncommon Objects and Gueros on South congress! Then hit up the Domain. And I promised my sweet friend I'd show up at her house with BBQ from Schoepf's for dinner! A torn sticker on the bottom of the plane (which made us sit at the gate for 38 minutes) cannot stop these plans!

Needing- This plane is freezing. No blankets left, but I got hot tea instead!  It's OK, I probably won't be cold once I get off the plane in Texas!

B2S Must Haves: Those three things say it all right? I will spend a fortune on crayons, glue sticks, etc. I will work harder than a dog to get ready for the year to start. I will schedule a way to prepare mind body and soul- with a mani/pedi/massage the Friday before school. AND when I need it- there will be wine a plenty! Sounds like a good plan to me!



  1. First of all, LOVE your blog background! It's too cute! I found you on Farely's currently link up! I hope you have a great time in Texas. Enjoy the rest of your summer! I'm your newest follower =)

    Lisa atTales of an Education Major

  2. Haha, yes a full wine rack is very necessary! Lots of chocolate too!

    Carolina Teacher


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