Monday, June 3, 2013

June? Is It Really June?

It's JUNE!
Holy cow.
Time for Currently from Farley.

Listening:  I rarely actually watch TV. It is usually ON, but I am always doing something else in front of the TV- on my computer. Like right now! The news is on, but here I am doing my Currently. I am however super excited for the Bachelorette! Don't make fun- you either watch- or you don't- if you don't, don't judge! I am actually pretty jazzed because I get to watch it on the BIG TV tonight too! Jeff is at work.  It's just me and 14 Bachelors! :)
Loving: My dentist is in the same building as Baskin Robbins and I thought I had earned a little ice cream treat for the hour of torture she put me through. A small cup of Very Strawberry is waiting on me in the freezer!
Thinking: Not do any work tonight? Who am I kidding... I know I will do ppt before the night is over. I'll be doing PowerPoint while Des is kissing boys. Woe is me...
Wanting: Dinner is soup... I knew I could "eat" that without biting myself. It won't be too hard to make. Half my face is still numb! I really hope my kids get my husband's "teeth" genes, but mine is the pits. I've always been a cavity kid- aw nuts!
Needing: Seriously. It takes so much TIME to look good! Men have it so easy!  That does remind me that I could paint my nails while I wait for Man Candy Monday.
Vacay Essentials: So... I am actually going on a pretty incredible VACAY! Jeff and I leave in 17 days for the Bahamas! We have NEVER gone on  trip like this and we are doing it! I am kind of freaking out that I won't have a PHONE on this vacation... but it will be OK. Right? I need to disconnect.  So since I can't have my phone, the top three essentials for me will be sunscreen- I am so white it is not even funny- so I need to put it on over and over again. Next is the sunhat- keep the sun off my face- last summer my LIPS burned! NOT this summer. No way! Then of course a camera- but what am I going to do when the camera can't post the pics right to facebook? I am really going to go through phone withdrawal! Maybe I should also put BOOKS on that list! Soooo many good books to read!

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  1. A camera is a must for me too! I also need a pedicure really bad.


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