Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently July

Yep! It's July (well in a few more hours)... June came and went... which means my big awesome vacation to the Bahamas is OVER! O-V-E-R and I'm so sad about it. The only thing I have left to remind me of the amazing time with my hubby are some shells we collected on the beach and a bunch of bug bites that I can't stop scratching! Exact diagnosis hard to know- but best guess is sand fleas. They got me- and they got me bad! Oh well. I can wear pants a little bit longer to hide the bites all over my legs.

Now it's July... and currently... currently I'm glad it's July! July will be boating on the Potomac! July will be a visit from my BEST FRIEND... July will be a thorough cleaning of my house (to be ready for a visit from my BEST FRIEND- her husband is a clean freak). July will be over before we know it... just like June was.

I'm hooking up with Farley... for this month's Currently.

My husband loves to listen to people TALK on TV about things that he has NO control over! AKA Politics! Good grief. It might as well be white noise to me. But then he always says, "Did you hear that?" and I'm like "No. I wasn't listening!" Now I'm upstairs on my personal DVR. It's a Sunday with Flea Market Flip! 

I spent the entire morning on my computer. It made me happy to know it was raining outside so I wasn't "missing" a gorgeous day outside. The sun has since come out, but I'm pretending I don't care. Rainy days also mean I don't have to go on the boat. Don't get me wrong, I love our boat, but sometimes a girl just wants a day at HOME to do nothing! 

Seriously! We need to go back to the Bahamas and ASAP! But next time, it has to be longer. We had just started to relax into things when we realized it was almost time to go home. 

I really want a housekeeper, but I am too cheap to pay for it! It feels like a waste of money. But today as I was sweeping up dog hair and wiping up dust for almost the entire morning, I'm feeling like it is money well spent. I still won't do it... but I want one nevertheless! 

Oh I miss my Rae! We have been friends since college. This year her drive to work has been at the same time as mine and we have talked at least two mornings a week. Rachel is a teacher. Which means she doesn't HAVE a drive to work in the summer, but I still do, and I miss those phone calls!  I so wish we still lived in the same state so I could just go over and hang out with her right now. 

Tips, Tricks, or Hints:
Do what you can- and some days I can't do much. Teaching in Killeen the in June, I realized how many things ARE on my blog as a reference to teachers, but I also realized how many other things I could still write about.  I remind myself that it is MY blog and that it doesn't have to be like any other blog.  I will admit that COMMENTS from readers make me want to blog more. If you read something and you like it, comment! It is the best blogging encouragement there is! 


  1. Found you on the link up from Farley! OMG I need a housekeeper too!! I just want one to come do the stuff I sweep..and mop..and dust...and clean bathrooms. Who am I kidding? Anyway, I am your newest follower! Love your glittery background!


  2. Hi Mrs. Payton! Glad you are following and I am kind of obsessed with glitter! Thanks for noticing! :)

  3. I had a cleaning lady for 2 years. I was teaching full time (1st grade) and then teaching classes at University 2 times a week at night. It was dreamy to come home to spotless floors...but so much better to quit teaching at night and do it myself. :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. I would love a housekeeper too. I hate having to come home and sweep and dust and all of that yucky stuff.

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  5. I'm sorry, but I couldn't find your email....I just wanted to officially invite you to the 2nd Annual VA Blogger Get-Together! We had a blast last summer and we're excited to do it again!! This year we'll be celebrating on Christmas in July (Thursday, July 25th) at 1:00 PM. We're going to meet at Bahama Breeze (Potomac Mills, Woodbridge). Since it will be Christmas in July... you're welcome to bring a $5 gift to swap (if you wish!). We'll be doing a "white elephant" style exchange, so bring or make something to surprise your fellow bloggers. Please RSVP by emailing me ( so we have an accurate headcount. Feel free to help spread the word!!

    Hope you can join us,
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  6. I love what you said about making it your blog! It doesn't have to be like any other blogger! Words to live by!

    Head on over to my blog, I just nominated you for an award :)

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade


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