Friday, May 3, 2013

A New Linky

I found a new Linky.

Thanks to I Heart Recess (is that not the BEST blog name?)for this goal setting LINKY.

It is fun to set goals. Now I hope she doesn't make a LINKY where you have to say if you MET your goals! That would not be any fun!

Personal: I am the kind of girl that devours a good book. I won't put it down! But I can go for weeks in between books! My goal is to go from one to another this month. It will be my only month to have time to read for fun- June will bring more Aggie Textbooks my way!

Health: Some people get a gene that makes them LOVE the gym- I did not get such gene! I hate the gym. The only time I was successful there was when I paid the big bucks for a personal trainer.  She held me accountable and she told me what to do and I did it. It was perfect. I'm going- I have a trip to the Bahamas in June- I NEED to go to the gym! I just don't WANT to go! (stomp my foot)

Blogging: I kind of fell off the wagon- meaning- I don't post much these days. I have stopped thinking of blogging tidbits to share. If it weren't for this LINKY, I wouldn't be on tonight either. So I am going to start it up again. It's a goal! 

School: The most important stuff at work I find myself procrastinating. I need to stop that! I also keep making new projects for myself, and yes, the Guided Reading website did need a complete overhaul- that was so far down on the list of things to do, but I let it be the top- and for TWO DAYS this week! Ug! 

Fun: Seriously...there is just not enough time in the day for fun! Reading will be fun. I have fun every weekend on the boat. I just don't have time to make another goal out of it!  

Bring it May! I'm ready for you! What are your goals?

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