Thursday, November 22, 2012

"We Already Read That"

** This post is in honor of Thanksgiving... and all the recipes we are all reading today as we cook. Happy Thanksgiving from my recipes to yours!**

So one reason (there are many) that we use Shared Reading in our classrooms (K-12) is to do to a deeper level of reading. Amie Buckner in her book Notebook Connections, speaks of first draft, second draft, third draft writing. We know all about that, it's not knew. But Amie stretches us to apply that concept to first draft, second draft, third draft READING.  Each reading giving kids more time and opportunity with the text.  So in Shared Reading, we will read the same text (passages, paragraphs of text) multiple times. Naturally, you'll have a child that says, "We already read that!" Refrain from saying anything sarcastic, and be ready ahead of time with this lesson! 

Let the teaching begin...
"Boys and girls, I want to show you how readers read things more than once. The other night, I was on a website (Pinterest of course) looking for something that I could cook for dinner at my house. I found a recipe for soup that looked really yummy! I read through it and it seemed easy enough to make and the ingredients sounded good together, so I printed it. SO NOW I'VE READ IT ONCE.

"A few nights later I remembered that recipe and I went to get it from the printer. I was going to the grocery store after work and I wanted to make sure I had all the ingredients. I read it and wrote down things I would need to buy at the store."

"Then it was the night I wanted to make the soup. I had read it twice already, but I couldn't remember how to make it exactly. Were you supposed to mix the meat with the sauce? How much flour was it again? When I'm making the recipe I have to read it a few times. First I read it and got all my ingredients out of the fridge and the pantry. Then I read it again and measured things out."
NOW I'VE READ IT THREE TIMES. And I may read it FOUR or FIVE times even before the making of this recipe is over. 

"Reader's may read things more than once like when cooking. However, each time I read that recipe, I had a different purpose. We will read things again and again like that in Shared Reading, because that's what good readers do, and every time we will have a different purpose in mind." 


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