Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sound Off Saturdays

So Write About It Wednesdays are a thing of the past... we are moving to Sound Off Saturdays! Setting a DAY for it and putting it in my calendar has worked, but Wednesdays won't work any longer.

I just got home from work. Yep. I work a J-O-B. I regular J-O-B (I forgot how hard that is) and blogging on a Wednesday night is just NOT going to happen for me anymore! Being smart all day doesn't leave much "smart" left or much energy for that matter for blogging at night.

I know y'all understand.

So... I will stop the typing now because I have BIG plans tonight! It's called the couch... maybe some Pinterest Pinning (are you following my boards?)  and if I still have energy to run the water... a hot bath!

I'll talk to you on Saturday!

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