Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch on Fire

A teacher from Texas reminded me this week of one of my favorite quotes.

"Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn." 

I've been working my new (very new) job in DC for a week. I don't know anyone and while they seem to be friendly people- no one is as friendly as people from Texas! I don't know anything about DCPS aside from what they have on their website and I don't know their district culture. I think what I am struggling most with right now, is that I don't know any teachers. Teachers are my work! Teaching the teachers is what I do.  I am a teacher to my very soul and right now I am a teacher without any students. 

I had a chance to make my first introductions to a group of MICs (Managers of Instructional Coaches) that are on the campuses of DCPS. I was so nervous! But I remembered who I am (thanks to my teacher friend). I am an individual who is on fire with enthusiasm. Not everyone embraces that. To be honest, some shy away from the heat, but nevertheless, that's me. I am passionate and enthusiastic about best practice instruction- becuase that is what every child in this country deserves.  

So even though I am new in this job, I have to stay true to my core. My job in DCPS is to get excited about Common Core State Standards, excited about new instructional units, excited about training teachers! I need to be so excited that teachers will come for miles. They might not become as enthusiastic, they might not even change what they are doing or try any new ideas I propose, but they wil come and watch. Right now, I am trying with all my heart to get the word out that there is a fire burning! 

Are you on fire with enthusiasm in your classroom? That's your job in every lesson you teach, isn't it?  Make your students come for miles to watch you burn! You never know... they too may join in the flames. 

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