Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

It is APRIL y'all. I was so caught up on the April FOOLS part of it that I forgot all about the Currently side of things.  I did spend the night making some cool new freebies for my blog! Be on the lookout in April...
Vocabulary Work Station
Poetry Pals Work Station
Book Pic of the Week

Now I digress. The reason I'm here is to post a currently... not tease you with FREE things that will be coming.  

Here goes...

Listening: This song is my theme song this week. I may listen to it 20 times today.  "I smile, even though I hurt, see, I smile. I know God is working, so I smile!"   

Loving: It is SPRING in Texas! You know what that means? If you are a Texan you do! It means Bluebonnets! Everywhere! It's truly beautiful to see these wildflowers.  If they grown in your yard, on the highway, wherever, people don't mow! Can't wait for pictures again this year. Happy SPRING Texans!

Thinking: We are moving into research in our curriculum, so I need to do some research on research for my teachers.  My goal is that they teach the specificity of the standards for research, not just research- there is a BIG difference.  

Wanting: For many reasons, that I can't go into on this blog, July 1st cannot get here soon enough! NO- it's not a due date for those of you always trying to hear that from me! HA!

Needing: Don't I say that every month on these blog posts? Sigh.  

EGGS-plain:My maiden name is Douglas.  It's a strong name! And God love my husband, and his family, but Leach... well... it's not as great as Douglas! But, in the blogging world, it did allow me a very cute blog name... LEACHTEACH.  



  1. Hi Melissa,
    I love the bluebonnets in spring. I'm now in NM but was just in TX a couple weeks ago to see family. The bluebonnets were coming in and gorgeous! Started following you on Pinterest and by email!
    Have a great April!
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess

  2. Hi Melissa!!

    I also need a clean house…so desperately. I have been emptying closets and cleaning out!!!! Lol. Happy Spring!

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching


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