Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Official

It is official... and I can finally blog about it! I am moving back the state of "fixin to" and "y'all". Headed back in time for the bluebonnets and a summer at the lake! I'll be surrounded again by friendly people and cowboy boots... I am pleased to announce that Ft. Hood Texas has called my husband back and we will be HOME in our SWEET TEXAS again by the end of March!

I have learned so much in my time in DC! I am so honored to have been a part of the work here, and I am conflicted to have to leave before I feel that my work is "done". But, I am so excited and have so much to look forward to back in Texas.  

It feels good to just be able to put it out there- it's been on the down-low for a few months. We had to wait to see if the Army was really telling the truth! They like to change things a lot! For example, I told my last boss we were moving- and a year and a half later- we actually did! That's the fun part of the US Army. But this is for real- for real- for real. 

See you soon Texas! 
Keep it real DC! 



  1. Exciting news!!! Absolutely can't wait! Would love to see you and learn more from you!! Kara

  2. So excited!! Can't wait to have you back here!


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