Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cleaning House This Snow Day

Hey there- and happy SNOW DAY to me! Bummer is we also have a SNOW DAY tomorrow when I had planned a Professional Development for 600+ teachers in the city! I'm super bummed that all of my work is down the drain, or in a snow drift, but nothing we can do.

So instead of being at work making copies and loading my car full of PD stuff to take and set up this evening at the school. I am at home. In my jammies STILL and have spent the day cleaning and organizing.

One thing I did that I've been meaning to do is clean out BOOKS in my basement. I've been saving books and it's time to sell! Most of them are leveled readers- just single copies of books- that I used in my classroom library. I taught my students how to pick out their "just right books", but I had to have some baskets of books for them that were somewhat leveled in order to scaffold them in this process. In Kinder I had bins of level A-B books together in a GREEN bin. C-D books in a YELLOW bin and E+ in a RED bin.  Once in the "right bin" kids could then find books that are interesting to them and on the right level.

It took years to build up my collection of leveled books. Are you trying to build up your collection? Do you need some more books to add to your classroom library that are leveled? You are in luck.
Good deals to be had in my eBay store! 50 books starting at 12 and 13 dollars and some bigger lots of 75 and 100 too! Click here to start shopping! There are collections of Big Books too.


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