Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Teaching KIDS Tomorrow

Oh I'm so excited! I'm going to teach KIDS tomorrow! Real, live kids!

I've been asked to come and be a guest reader in a classroom. I think they just expect me to read a few books- but the teacher in me can't JUST do that! Oh boy.... here's what I have planned!

I've started reading Donalyn Miller, you know the Book Whisperer's, second book Reading in the Wild.

I'm already loving it and I'm only on Chapter 2! (Which reminds me of a point in her first chapter-making TIME for reading and I am going to make some time to read Chapter 2 tonight!)

She has reminded me that we have to not only teach kids how to read, but how to love reading and how to incorporate reading into their lives, now and forever.  Her whole book is about how to cultivate readers in the wild- readers for life!

So I want to share my reading life with this group of firsties tomorrow.  The first thing I did to prepare for my "lesson" was walk around my house to "find" all the things I read.
I created a pretty large stack...
Sight Seeing Book
Books for School
Books for Work
Journals for Work
In addition to the stack I wrote a list of my electronic reading life too- because these things can't be packed in a bag...

I want to show these young readers all the things I read in my life and ask them to talk about all the things they read.  Next I am going to read them the book Read Anything Good Lately: 
It is an ABC through all the things readers can read.  

Following this book will be another book by one of my favorite authors, Todd Parr. I love his simple stories and Reading Makes You Feel Good is another good one for sharing a love for reading with young readers. 

There's a lot more I'd like to do, but I was only given 30 minutes. IF, and that's a big IF, but if there's time left at the end, I plan to read my favorite book from my childhood too... just seeing the cover of this book makes me happy! Does anyone out there know this book with Grandma Tildy?


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