Thursday, January 23, 2014

Currently January

Let me start by saying, I AM SO LATE WITH THIS! But just pretend it is 3 weeks ago!


Another month of blogging where I admit- if it weren't for Farley and her Currently Linky, I would not have written anything! For realz! I am such a bad blogger. But alas, that was the past, and while I might not get any better at blogging regularly in 2014, I will try. I really will try.

So let's do this. First can I get a WHOOP for my Aggies and a Smell the ROSES for my Spartans? Both of my teams won their bowl games. It is a good day for this college football fan for sure.

Listening: My dogs are the cutest darn things! They are all around me right now in dreamland. 

Loving: It is almost Friday! Lord LOVE Friday! And this week was a short one- MLK, a snow day, and a late start!  I still can't wait for FRIDAY!

Thinking: See... this is SO OLD! It is January 23rd now. HA! January 6th has come and gone- now I'm thinking about PD day for February 14th! Yes- it's kind of sick right? Who puts Valentine's Day and PD day together? I HEART PD I guess! 

Wanting: The good thing is I'm only cooking for one these days- J. is out of town for work.  Dinner can be a bowl of cereal if I want it to be! 

Needing: It's sad as a teacher when you DON'T want snow days because you have too much work to do getting ready for PD Day (see above) and teachers I know in DC say they need to have school because they have assessments to do! MOY/TRC baby! I am so excited to see these scores. I've had many dreams about crying for happiness at the improvements across the district. Alas, I remind myself that true change takes more than 4 months. 

Memory: Jeff's sister gave Nerf guns to the kids for Christmas! The kids didn't know what to do with them until the adults showed them how! I haven't laughed that much in so long. Running around the house- hiding behind doors and in corners. The kids running alongside and collecting the ammo for us to reload! And- for the record- those little Nerf bullets HURT when they hit you at close range! I think I still have a welt... my husband was in trouble for that shot for sure! 


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