Sunday, March 10, 2013

Show and Tell from Birdville ISD

I was in Birdville ISD last month and took so many pictures of CUTE, CUTE, CUTE stuff! I am sharing that CUTENESS with you today.


My photo taking skills are not so great here, but look at those curtains! No sewing necessary. Just pinking shears to cut strips and tie on the curtain rod! Done! I love it!

This was a fantastic school wide display of writing that greeted me when I entered the school.  These are big poster frames and student work samples blown up! I love it! I wish every school had something like this!

Then in another classroom I went to, a teacher has a bulliten board dedicated to quotes from books! Kids have pinned their favorite book quotes to the wall. This teacher also has quotes all over the walls of the room! This is so Donnalyn Miller/Book Whisperer and I love it!

I just love this! I may have to do this to my office! Just because I don't have a classroom, doesn't mean I can't have an inspiring work space!

Keep the greatness going! This whole classroom had a MOVIE theme! Look at this big bulliten board. I had this board above my students cubby areas too, but look what she has done with black paper and a few red sheets.  Now it is a stage! Teachers are so clever!

Fitting with the movie theme... look her her students can get a new pencil when they need one!

More teacher genius. Look at the tension rod between two bookcases and the shower curtain clips to display her magazines in the reading corner.

I've never dones this before have you? A toothbrush drive in the month of February? I love the idea! It's so many small things and big great ideas that make me want to be back in the classroom so often! 

More brilliant ideas! How cute is this. Kids have reccommended their favorite books. I need to remember this one for Heart Day next year! 

My poor husband is going to be a BUSY man when I go back to the classroom someday! I'm going to have to have this over my door! 

Clever, cute, functional! 
Well done! 

Why didn't I think of this? 



  1. Thanks for your comment! When I see clever, I have to snap pictures of it! I love being able to Show and Tell from schools across the country! :) I have another one coming soon from Denton!


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