Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vocabulary Go Fish

I'm working on a presentation called Purposeful Planning with the Common Core right now.  One of the things we will be learning about in that session is Vocabulary and the call of the Common Core for explicit vocabulary instruction of Tier 2 words.  DCPS (DC Public Schools) work on this in every unit through a vocabulary lesson plan. Part of that lesson plan every day involves playing GAMES with the new vocabulary.  Marzano tells us the importance of this!

Vocabulary Go-Fish is one of the games that can be played. I hope you will find a way to use this file in your classroom and will start searching for Tier 2 Words in the texts you are reading with students. Tier 1 words are basic vocabulary (car, run, horse, orange). These are words kids already know.  Tier 3 words are specific to a content (isotope, Civil War, protractor) and are not used often outside of that content. Students will learn these, but they do not transfer well to other texts/domains. Focus rather on Tier 2 words. Tier 2 words are words that are used in complex text and may also be multiple meaning words. They also have a characteristic to "travel well" to other places- like other texts, and into student writing and conversation.

Be sure to visit my TpT Site to get your FREE download and start on your way to making Vocabulary Go-Fish with texts you read in your classroom.


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  1. Yes! I need to incorporate more vocabulary into my teaching!

    Bring on more ideas and more freebies :)

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