Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Currently- Better Late Than Never

Better late than never- that's an expression I use very infrequently because I'm rarely ever late! But, I kind of forgot to do this until I was looking at my friend's blogs.  Thanks Frizz in First for reminding me- even though you learned it from me last month! :) 

Thanks to Oh Boy Fourth Grade for posting this so I could LINK UP

Listening: I love it when my husband plays with our dogs. I have to admit- I don't do it enough. My husband knows how to do what really matters. Stop and be present in the moment. So as I type this blog post I am watching him enjoy our puppies- enjoy the moment. I do wish I played with them more. Oh wait- I had to just STOP typing to help clean up dog vomit! Guess one of them was not feeling well enough to be played with! Oh disgusting! 

Loving: I do love that it is almost Friday! I started the week with family and friends in Michigan and presenting at the SDE MI Common Core Conference! It was fun- but it was a LOT of work. Then I got home and my house is a wreck! I need the weekend to get ready for another week! Isn't that how it always goes? 

Thinking: See above! I've been gone. It's like my husband doesn't even SEE the DOG HAIR floating around the hardwood floors in BIG TUFTS! Maybe he just doesn't know where I keep the broom? Regardless- I am the only one who is bothered by a dirty house- and my house is DIR-TY! I used the broom and the vacuum tonight after work. And my dog getting sick got some bleach and other chemicals out.  But there is still so much more to do. Maybe I need a maid? That's what I am needing! 

Wanting: When do I not want ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip is what I'm craving right now. Yeah... I want ice cream! 

Needing: Above it says nothing- because I really do feel so blessed. I think about it so often driving home from D.C. I'm still amazed that I live and work here.  But, the more I think about how dirty my house is (it's not that bad- but I wish it were cleaner) maybe I just need a maid! 

Pet Peeves: Emails that get no response-so annoying! That's all I want to say about that! 



  1. I came over from Farley's! I'm now following you on Pinterest and FB!
    I would love it if you link up anything technology at my newest feature, Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers!
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  2. Get the maid!!! I can totally relate to the "tufts of hair". I have two dogs and the dog hair on the wood floor and at the bottom of chair legs drives me nuts. I am the only one in my house who cares or notices too (and I have two teenagers!). Before the recession hit, I used to have a maid clean twice a month and it was heaven! Times are better now and I am actually considering treating myself. Not sure how to "follow" you but love your blog!

  3. Thanks Kathy! You can "follow" by email... there is a place to follow by email to the right. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Melissa. I found your blog through the currently link up. I wrote the same thing for loving..I can't wait until Friday. I so relate with what you said, I need the weekend to get ready for another week. :)

    The Balanced Classroom

  5. I hear you with the being present thing. Life gets too busy!
    Thanks for the shout out and the currently. It's good to know you are still alive and kickin :)

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade


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