Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday or Techie Tuesday?

Seems like my Thumbs Up Thursday's are all Technology Related... maybe I need to change this post to a Techie Tuesday?

Nonetheless, here is my Thumbs Up Thursday...
Don't have a Projector?  Want to show things from your computer so kids can SEE it?

A teacher mentioned that she bought HDMI cords (Less than $20 at Best Buy, Target, or Walmart) and hooked her computer up to her classroom TV!  Take your computer to the store- tell them what you are trying to do- they'll get you hooked up! Seems like some other troubleshooting can be done here.  Overall... seems simple enough to me... you just have to be able to operate your computer while you are sitting near your TV.  I think it is worth a try and it may be a cheap answer to your lack of projection power!

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