Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reading with the Stars

First let me say that this is NOT my idea! But I loved it so much that I HAD to tell all of you about it! First... this is the blog post I read about it. You can find it here. Peace, Love and Learning

So, what is the idea? It's called reading with the STARS and it is so simple. You print out pictures of STARS and then have those STARS available for reading in a center. How simple is that? The hard part is coming up with the list of stars! Yes, I will admit it, I am not cool and I don't know what is happening out there in the lives of kids because I don't have any and am out of the classroom trenches.

I started the list. I didn't get very far. Then I found myself on Google searches. I spent the night in front of the TV watching every commercial for new ideas to add to my stars list.  I even found myself at CVS looking at an issue of Teen Beat... yes they still make it... but when I used to buy it, it had the cast of 90210 and New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) on the cover.  So I have compiled a list. Maybe you are cooler than me and you can add to it? Then it was a Google Images search to find pictures. I would share my picture file with you here- but I'm sure there is a copyright issue.  So you have to find the pics on your own.

I have uploaded the list however, and the label for the front of the folders.


I can't wait to use it for my training on Guided Reading and Literacy Work Stations for DC Public Schools in January.  (I've since used it and teachers loved it! So I hope you will too!)

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