Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Freebie: Summer Writing Reflection

Can you believe that summer is almost here?  Chances are you might already be reading this post with an umbrella drink in your hand.  Woot woot!  Or perhaps you are counting down the days and have made it to the single digits.  You’ve got this!

At the schools I visit, library books are checked in, desks have been emptied, and furniture has been neatly stacked in the center of the room.  Summer is here!  

As a perfectionist, summertime can be both refreshing and overwhelming.  My body and mind need the break, but I can find myself in a panic thinking: What do I do with all of this extra time and space? How can I make the most of my time to better serve my students next year?  What can I accomplish now, so that next year is a success?

Before we know it, the days melt away and we find ourselves handing out welcome letters and gifts to wide eyed children who will soon steal our hearts-just like the last bunch did.  

How can we, as teachers, make the most of our summers "off"?  

What should we be doing with our time?  

There’s a reason teachers have the summers "off"!

But here’s the deal.  The reason you have the summer off might be different than the teacher across the hall from you.  

We all need different things, just like the students in our classrooms.

Maybe you need to spend your time at the beach with your family.  
Or maybe you need to finally reorganize your classroom library.  
Maybe you need to find a cozy corner of a bookstore and get lost in a good book forgetting you’re a teacher for a moment.  
Or maybe you need write the first of week lesson plans so that you aren’t as overwhelmed as last year.  

You won’t know what’s best for you as an educator (and human being) until you take some time to reflect.  

Reflection is key to growth.

We teach our readers and writers to set goals.  Shouldn’t we do the same as teachers?  

I’ve created a quick reflection page you can use to guide you through your reflection.  

Maybe you print it off and jot down your thoughts before turning in your classroom key.  Or perhaps you talk about your plans with your teacher friend over coffee.  It doesn’t matter how you reflect, what’s important is that you think about this past school year and ask yourself what you as an educator need for the next year.

Is it okay for your goal to be “don’t think about school for an entire month”?  Yes, if that’s what you need in order to be the best teacher for your students next year.  (If you do make this your goal, don’t forget to stop by and catch up on all of the blog posts you’ve missed!  I’m planning some great freebies to share!)

Comment below! Share your reflection of this past school year and any goals you have as an educator.

HAPPY SUMMER and congratulations on finishing the 2016-2017 school year!
You were AMAZING!


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