Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Specials (Formerly Known as Freebie Friday)

Hello out there! I am going to try SO SO HARD this summer to bring back FRIDAY FREEBIES... but I know I work most every Friday. So, we'll try our first SATURDAY SPECIAL!

I worked with teachers in North Dakota this week and it reminded me of things I have been meaning to share... probably promising to share all up and down the coast in numerous presentations. OOPS!

So here it is.  Nothing fancy really, but that's how I roll.  Speaking of roll, it's called ROLL and RESPOND.  It would find a nice home in a Write about Reading or Work on Reading Work Station.

You'll need to buy (or find in your classroom) at least two of these:

Or, go to Dollar Tree and find the cheaper and just as good version: 

Then use this SATURDAY SPECIAL to put in each of the sections.


Label the center FICTION or INFORMATIONAL text and put a die in the center!

VOILA!  Get your FREE copy here. Cheers!


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