Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Freebie for Fluency

I've been busy working on a presentation for a district in Texas and in doing so, I've been creating a lot of new things! That means new and FREE things for you blog readers out there and lots of Friday Freebies!

Today I'm sharing a Friday Freebie for FLUENCY!  Fluency, the forgotten part of reading! Fluency, the thing we hope students just attain. Fluency, the skills of rate, accuracy and prosody, that NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT in order to be mastered with today's kiddos!

If you follow my blog, you know I believe in a Work Station/Center focused on Fluency work for students every week.  This is a FREEBIE that could easily integrate into a work station.

Introduce the activity using this text...

Then put THIS in the Work Station.

Once kids have mastered this practice, allow them to create their own. Try the same with sight words and sight word phrases!  Visit my TpT store for YOUR FREE COPY!



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