Saturday, December 13, 2014

Math Talk

I am preparing for another training! And can you believe it- it's a MATH training! We will be applying what we know about Reading and Writing Workshop and Guided Reading to create a Math Workshop in classrooms in Lake Dallas ISD!

I made a file for those teachers and thought I would share it here with you too!   Math classrooms, should float the learning on a sea of talk. And we all know, that it is no longer about the "right" answer, but rather the right thinking! Teachers need to ensure this kind of mathematical talk occurs.  And better yet, hearing students prompt one another in this way.

Many of you have my Prompts to Support Independence at the Guided Reading table. These could be Prompts to Support Mathematical Thinking.  Teachers could use these at the small group table or post on the white board and refer to them as they think through math work as a whole class.

Get yours now- for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Want to explore Guided Math over the holiday? Here are a few of my favorite websites...
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There is much to be found on this Guided Math Live Binder

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And of course the books...

Merry Christmas y'all!

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