Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently

It's that time again. November, can you believe it? I love November... because with November comes Thanksgiving. Jeff and I just purchased our tickets home to Michigan! Can't wait to be with family this year as we usually don't travel home.  

I'm doing Farley's currently.  You can too if you go here!

Listening: I do like the Amazing Race! It's probably the closest I'll ever get to Morocco!  I'm also 100% sure that my light would NOT shine on a show like that! I have no patience... I don't like not being in control... I don't like not knowing things....  but I like watching other people.   

Loving: It was such a beautiful fall weekend in Texas!  We sat outside on our back porch with the fire pit burning last night! The air is off- the windows are open! It's FALL y'all.  

Thinking: I hate when weekends seem to disappear from you! That's how this weekend felt.  I wish I could have just one more day. But alas, tomorrow I'm back at work and things that did not get done will still not be done. 

Wanting: My sweet best friend is stressed out! I hate that. I want to see her so badly. I miss the days when we lived in nearby cities- even living in the same state would be good. But I am down here in Texas, and she is still home in Michigan.   I'd love to have another trip home to see her or get her out here for a few nights.  I just miss her! This is our favorite song right now... send it to your friend to make them smile!

Needing: I'm really wishing I would have started on this sooner- it's been on my mind- but there's so many other things that had earlier deadlines!  So I have TWO office days set aside this week to design the best little PD on Mini-Lessons in Writer's Workshop that you ever did see!  Praying PowerPoint inspiration tomorrow and Tuesday. 

Reading:  I am excited about this new series that someone told me about! She said it's like Hunger Games meets Bachelor! What's not to love about that? 

Happy Fall Y'all! 



  1. I teach in Michigan. :) The Selection has been on my reading list for awhile and since I *just* finished reading Hunger Games this might be the perfect one to pick up next! :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Hi Jean! Two people from the Linky commented- and BOTH from Michigan? No way! Let's read the Selection together. I need a book that is a good series... my favorite thing is going right from one book to another.

  2. Hi Melissa!

    I'm glad I found you through the linky! I'm from Michigan too! It must be hard to be away from your family and best friend. I hope you enjoy your time together at the holidays. Good luck on your PD! I'm sure it will be AMAZING! :)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. Hi Jeannine! Where in the mitten? I was born and raised in Auburn Hills and taught three years (before I moved to Texas) in Oxford.
    Coming home to Michigan for Thanksgiving is going to be great.... I'm just hoping the snow will wait until our trip home for Christmas!


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