Wednesday, October 10, 2012

God's Plan for My Life

For those of you who don't already know, I am an Army Wife! Before Jeff and I were married, I was a classroom teacher in Michigan.  When I moved to Texas with him (after our wedding) I found a classroom teaching job at a wonderful school.  I had never imagined leaving the classroom until a friend of mine told me of a job opening at Region 12- an Education Service Center and the job was training teachers in best practice instruction K-5 Literacy! At the same time I sent my resume off to that job, I applied to be an Independent Consultant for SDE. I got both jobs! Amazing right? I spent almost four years working three jobs, my job at ESC Region 12, my consulting with SDE and my own company Leach's Literacy Training.

I have met so many teachers across the county and I love what I do! But like a snowball rolling down a mountain... all jobs continued to grow and become bigger... at times bigger than I could keep up with! I was blessed! I loved my job and kept getting opportunity after opportunity to consult around the county was something I was very thankful for.

It is a really fun life at first! Traveling is exciting! Packing suitcases... being in an airport... the hustle and bustle... room service... the amazing teachers I meet all around our country.... and then of course the joy of finally being home and in my own bed.  The side you don't know about until you are living that life however are the delayed flights... the lost luggage... the cruddy room service or junky restaurant choices available in a city... the long lines at the rental car desk... and my favorite... hotel rooms right next to the elevator or a broken AC unit.   To be completely honest with my blog audience.. the rush... rush.. rush of it all has started to drag me down.

The last eight months I have been solely employed as an International Education Consultant and in that time, we have also moved to DC which is a NON-DEPLOYABLE position in the Army.  So if Jeff is going to be home most nights... why do I want to be in some hotel room somewhere when I could be on the couch with him? All of this to say... I have been looking for full time work in the DC area since June. I thought classroom teaching was the plan for me again- well- that didn't happen.  I thought I might be a school level Instructional Specialist- that didn't happen either. Lots of things didn't happen and to say I was a bit discouraged in an understatement.  Lots of things seemed like a big disappointment at the time, but now I know why.

God had other plans for me! It is with great excitement, and a humble heart, that I announce I have a NEW JOB!  I interviewed (a month long process) with DC Public Schools and have been selected as their new Professional Learning Designer K-5 Literacy. I start early November in this new position.
I am not sure of all the details of my new position, but I'm excited to start learning my new role and working with the teachers in DC's 100+ Elementary Schools! I am honored that God has chosen me to work for and with the students in our nation's capital!

I am in awe of God's plan for my life.. not to mention my resume!  This was the job he had lined up for me all along! This is the timing and I can see everything falling into place so beautifully.
He is good!
So good!


  1. Congratulations Melissa!!! They definitely picked the right person for the job! Best of luck to you!

  2. Congratulations! I am so proud and excited for you, nothing else seems more perfect for you! I will truely miss the opportunity to learn from you in the near future and feel so blessed to have had all the great learning you have given me! May God bless you richly as you share your knowledge with all those lucky teachers in DC.
    Kimberly Lind ;-) Killeen, TEXAS!


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