Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Classroom Prayer

A new school year... at the MOMENT I know teachers are NOT in a good place about it! There are still name tags to be made, lesson plans to be created, lamination to cut, and about a thousand things still to do.  I know! I know! It is stressful.  But no matter what, you will be ready! You'll get there. You will greet your kiddos with a smile and you will teach your little heart out.  If you want to know the truth, while I'm not envious of the stress load of WORK at the beginning of the year that y'all are facing right now, I am envious the feeling of success you will have when you turn the lights out on that room and head home the night before the first day of school. I am envious of the smiles and excitement that will fill the halls on the first day of school.  I am hopeful and full of prayer for each and everyone of you who reads this post that you may have a BLESSED school year. You are doing God's work!

A few years ago I stumbled upon this Classroom Dedication Prayer on a teacher's blog.  I have always kept it near my desk and as a new school year begins, I hope it will mean something to you as it sure has for me!

Happy Back to SCHOOL! God Bless!

Powerful and almighty God, You are so amazing! You’ve had a plan for these children since before time began, and you’ve always known that our lives would cross paths this year. 

Please give me the gift of discernment to understand their needs and how I can meet them. 
Show me everything I need to know to teach these little ones and develop the gifts that you’ve given them. 

Let my enthusiasm be evident every day, because my joy doesn’t come from having a perfect classroom, it comes from knowing You. 

Jesus I pray that you would fill me with your strength and perfect peace each morning and carry me throughout each day. Put a genuine smile on my face and help me to be as patient and loving with these children as You have been with me. 

Remind me that this job is a privilege and that I am fulfilling Your call on my life by showing up in this classroom each day. 

Surround me with supportive, positive influences and help me to speak only truth and light so that my colleagues and supervisors will consistently see You in me. 

I dedicate this classroom to You: let Your name triumph over any negativity and may everything that happens here bring glory to Your name. 

I thank you for giving me Your holy Word so that I have a place to turn when I need to be uplifted. 

Thank you for filling me with the passion and enthusiasm that can only come from having ‘God within’. 

May Your name be glorified in everything that happens here as Your mercies are made new each morning.



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  1. Hey girl.... Haha, I am now obsessed, thank you.

    I wish I would have read this post before meet the teacher today. I think it would have calmed my nerves a bit. This prayer will definitely be one that I print out and keep near my desk, too. Thank you for sharing and I will be seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning!!


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